Impermanence is an NFT series that explores how human behaviours cascade upon the quiet and surreal reality of our natural landscape—and how the natural world, in turn, responds.

Impermanence001 launching at The Other Art Fair LA Sept 2022

Beams of light, which only appear in their fullness at precisely the ‘right moment,’ represent patience and the futility of inflicting rigid precision onto the world. In coming to appreciate this condition, we’re left with the beautiful state of temporary impermanence.

A Rose is a Rose, a photo series explores time and the forever beginnings and endings of our human experience - NFT roses which bloom and wither forever in alignment with the current phase of the moon.

Rose #6/28 - AVAILABLE NOW

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Each rose is carefully selected and shot using a custom studio setup designed by the artist. A new rose will be added to the collection through 28 lunar cycles, with one being created every full moon over the 2 year period.

The first rose of the series is the most valued - collected from the funeral of a fellow artist, and immortalized on the blockchain.

Roses are tied to the lunar cycle using a custom smart contract where:

“Rose metadata is generated on chain in the contract as base64 json that gets decoded by marketplaces and wallets to update the series of 28 (14x2) frames aligned to the current moon cycle, with each rose in full bloom again at every full moon.”

- Naftponk (developer)

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View the entire bouquet on OpenSea

Cubensis is a generative NFT project that speaks to the importance of differing opinions and view points layering on each other to create meaning.

Built off of layering light onto a white cube, and then running those 33 images through a computer script to randomly layer each image on top of the other.

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