A limited edition, signed print from the series titled Invariable.

Series Description:

Amidst the cacophony of our layered world,
Where intentions collide and opinions diverge,
How does an idea maintain its essence,
Unwavering, amidst the tumult?

"Invariable" unveils the alchemy
Of simplicity evolving into complexity,
As perspectives converge and diverge.

From a solitary white cube,
Three primal hues emerge,
Each merging with chance variables,
Piling back upon itself,
Coalescing into a kaleidoscope of 333 viewpoints.

Layers upon layers unfurl,
Breathing depth into the canvas,
As opinions and insights interlace,
Transforming chaos into harmonic beauty.

Through all the noise and static,
We all share a wish for good -
What's best for us, our loved ones,
Our collective futures.

A shared point of origin.

This is invariable.


Materials Epson Fine Art Bright 305GSM

Rarity Limited edition of 30

Medium Photography

Signature Hand signed by artist. Prints are signed on the reverse. Each print is also accompanied by a signed artist label & a certificate of authenticity.

Certificate of authenticity Included (issued by artist)

Series Tsolum

*Images in frames are examples and may look different than final deliveries.

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