Angeles Mountains w/ E.B. Wild


Delilah the van is tucked away into a small nook, off a small road North East of LA. The (almost) full moon hung just above the drought ridden landscape. A faded, desaturated palette climbed the hills beside our parking spot.



It had been a hot drive out of the city highlighted by a beautiful swim in a green lake, the algae so thick you couldn't see your feet once the water reached your knees. E.B. Wild and I swam out as the mermaid hair tickled our toes and our legs, the sun beat down through clear blue skies. I feel my core temperature drop as the lake cradles me in it's belly.

We make a late lunch and start driving towards our location for tomorrow. The light was spilling down the rolling golden landscapes beside the highway, wooing us to jump a small fence and film a short bit of Em journeying into a field to type on her typewriter. Her airy summer dress danced in the wind as her delicate feet drift along the dry grass. A golden yellow blanket tucked under one arm and a typewriter dangling in the other hand. Her hair lit up, the gold late afternoon sun pulling the golden highlights out. We captured the moments and headed off into The Angeles hills. The light faded and our eyes burned as we pulled off for the night.

We ate tacos and I walked around snapping some night photos. Noticing the different light quality of a full moon versus the sun. Different but similar. The moon light looking like a painting from another era, broad calming strokes.

We spent Saturday helping Conner and Emily on some photos for their upcoming blog. A beautiful Tim Walker-ish scene setup. Rope and trinkets, suitcases and pillows all up in a large tree in a field. A rope with a branch creating a swing. Warm air rolling through the leaves and grass.


mackenzie duncan