Restless Spirits. Ramblers. Adventurers. These are the characters that populate the nostalgic, yet intrinsically modern photography of Mackenzie Duncan.

Building on early experience in fashion and advertising photography, Mackenzie’s work frames the joys of adventure through his intuitive vision of current-day iconography. He captures moments of fleeting, youthful freedom, and imbues them with a dream-like aura, at once evoking the ache and elation of innocence – a complex intertwining of the contemporary and sentimental.

Mackenzie’s images have been featured in campaigns by Deus Ex Machina, Equinox, Keen, Puma, Starbucks & Taylor Stitch, among others. He has also contributed to publications such as GQ, Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire.

Nature is a prominent theme in Mackenzie’s photographs, as it is in his life. ‘Off-grid’ is a recurring necessity, from Yellowknife to Baja to Comox. He currently calls the coastline of Vancouver Island, Canada, his home – specifically an urban cabin constructed by a team of his close friends. He spends an equal amount of time in his (mostly) trusty VW van, which graciously portages his surfboards through their coastal explorations.  

His wanderlust has taken him to shores as varied as Africa, Iceland and New Zealand, in search of new landscapes, inspiration, and connections. He’s also been known to conduct high-speed expeditions across the United States on motorcycles far older than himself.

In addition to his artistic accomplishments, Mackenzie co-founded the NGO Apathy is Boring, which inspires youth to better understand, and contribute meaningfully to the democratic process.

“As a technical clothing company whose gear is catered towards both city fashion and outerwear for the wild. We approached Mackenzie with a problem. How do we capture the fashion look of our brand without damaging the predominant outdoors aspect? What Mackenzie brought to the table exceeded our expectations. With his professional creative approach, we nailed down an idea and were able to produce images that speak to both our contrasting target markets. The metrics with the new images have been outstanding. Thanks again Mackenzie, looking forward to working together in the future.”

Taylor Wilson - Creative Director / Anian


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